January 24, 2023

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Newsletter Vol. 1 | Issue 1

Dear Patrons and Subscribers,

It is my pleasure to bring you the first edition of the Silicon Icarus newsletter and want to thank you for supporting this genuinely independent journalistic endeavor. Born at the crossroads between legacy mainstream news media and the “alt-media” smorgasbord that is currently driving the transition into the so-called “attention economy”, Silicon Icarus stands at the threshold of this divide with a mission to shine a critical light upon the broader forces that are behind this transformation, while remaining free from the digital silos being erected all around truly independent voices.

Taking such a risk places Silicon Icarus in a precarious position. Moving forward will require grassroots, word-of-mouth efforts to find like-minded people who take these issues seriously and are in a position to help us fund this burgeoning operation. For this reason, I am appealing to you in order to help reach a fundraising goal of $5,000 by this time next month.

Whether you can contribute directly or simply spread the word, I am counting on your continued support to help us build an informed minority willing to raise the heat on the wax wings of Silicon Valley’s self-styled demigods and expose their grand designs as little more than delusions of power destined to plummet into the ocean.

Silicon Icarus’ Origin Story

As some of you may know, the motivation for Silicon Icarus has its roots in an article I first published on Mint Press News titled “The Bits and Bytes of The Great Reset: COVID-19 and the Scaling Up of Data-Capitalism“. Researching for that piece led me to discover the work of Alison McDowell, whose remarkable foresight helped me fill in the gaps in my own understanding about the burgeoning impact investment markets and its intimate relationship to data-mining, blockchain technologies and the general cybernetic paradigm currently unfolding.

I also had the benefit of being the unwitting pawn in a publicity stunt orchestrated by a group of people involved with these emerging technologies of digital enclosure, which nearly cost me my sanity, if not my life. With Alison’s help, I was able to navigate the challenges. But, more importantly, it provided a clear view of one of the most insidious manifestations of the emerging models of data-capitalism.

Both because – and in spite of – my personal trials in relation to these matters and the broader implications for humanity revealed by my research lit a fire in me to start Silicon Icarus. Initially, the site’s content only consisted of material previously published elsewhere. This was only meant to be temporary stage as I tried to organize my time between the project and the job I had at the time. However, unexpected obstacles prolonged this stage longer than anticipated.

As a result, it was only until a few weeks ago that I was able to begin working on the first original pieces for Silicon Icarus. However, the website was deluged with DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks almost immediately after these new articles were published, preventing access to the site for several hours, in some cases. Fortunately, we were able to avoid severe downtime and were successful in thwarting the relentless attacks.

Despite the setbacks, I am committed to exposing the encroaching biosecurity state, human capital markets, the Internet of Bio-Nano Things (IoBNT) and so many other related issues, that are too vital to let wither on the vine of a saturated media landscape rife with misdirection, misinformation and outright deception in an effort to conceal the true nature of our plight.

Silicon Icarus does not presume to be the only source for credible information and coverage of these topics, but simply the most recent addition to what remains a very limited field. If you are in a position to help us get off the ground with a contribution, please don’t hesitate to do so.


Best regards,

Raul E. Diego
Editor and contributor
Silicon Icarus

It Starts With Us

$5,000 Silicon Icarus Fundraiser

Complete funding will help us operate for the following 6 months

The fundraiser will run from August 22 until September 22, 2021.

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