The Devil’s Currency – Part I: Fiat Emperor

WASHINGTON D.C. -The Devil’s Currency is a three-part investigative report that begins with the US Dollar at the moment of its coronation, focusing on the dynamics at play as its world’s reserve currency status went into effect and explores the consequences that monetary policy had for the signatories, as well as the soft regime change operation carried out in Europe that mitigated the damage to Anglo-American power as a result of its unilateral termination of Bretton Woods. The unsavory connections to figures in the highest echelons of power of the British Crown and the global arms trade are also examined as the shift to the Petrodollar fundamentally changed the role of currency from a medium of exchange into a pure weapon of Anglo-American hegemony, now on its inexorable march towards a merger with digital information control systems and the abolition of currency, altogether.

Raul Diego

Raul Diego

Independent investigative journalist, documentary filmmaker and photojournalist. Contributing Editor of Silicon Icarus

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August 22

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August 15 - 22, 2021
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